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Simslice's Bio:

Simslice is a fan site and mini-community of players of The Sims and related simulation games. To us and to many players it seems, new gameplay features and fun surprises are what makes the games most enjoyable, and Simslice is devoted to enhancing this aspect. We strive to post only creatively entertaining items here (and update often) with a greater focus on functionality and fun. Feedback from others, including the press, has been overwhelmingly positive. There are thousands of fan sites, however most (if not all) of the items you will find here will be totally "new", very unique and (we believe) will be a major cut above any previous items you may have downloaded elsewhere.

If you are new here and want to try some of our content out for yourself, feel free to sample our Freebies page. If you like our content and want something better, subscribe to Simslice now and you can be downloading hundreds and hundreds more within minutes!

Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy your time with us.


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