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Actual Name: Steve
35 / Male / U.S.A.
Favorite Food:
General Tso's Chicken, with a Baja Fresh Burrito Ultimo coming in a close second.
Favorite Book: The Tao of Physics
Number of Piercings: Six: 5 in left ear, 1 in right ear
Favorite Computer Game: The Sims (the only game I play actually)
Favorite Movie Of All Time:
Pink Floyd The Wall
Favorite TV Show Of All Time:
Star Trek (the original series)
Favorite Band Of All Time:
The Grateful Dead
Favorite Music: I'm very eclectic. I love high-energy music, particularly Punk and Industrial, but I also love a thrilling classical. I like to think I can appreciate and (usually) enjoy all types of music. They all have something to offer this world, if we listen to them with the right kind of ears.

1) Simon -- a Maincoon cat, 11 years

2) Cody -- a Pit-Bull mix, 6 years

3) Silver -- a Norwegian Forest cat mix, 1 year

4) Puma -- a black cat, 8 months

5) Ants -- we don't name them or want them, but they are practically family now.....

Teacher -- I work in a language institute and teach English to people who don't spoke it... oops...
Road trips on my Harley, taking my new Jeep out for a spin, bungy jumping, doing the Symslyce thyng, boxing, reading physics or philosophy and pretending I understand it. I moved here from California and miss a lot of my old activities, but while I was out there I LOVED camping in the deserts, climbing the mountains, and taking long rides up the PCH. I love to ski or travel to new places. Also I can't forget my wonderful girlfriend Cindy, who dragged me here from my sunny California paradise (heehee...) and who I love dearly. And of course our lovely pets, who are truly in charge of this house. And lastly... partying!

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