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Visit our Submissions page
If you have a submission, or questions about submissions and benefits we can offer those that submit content, please visit our Submissions page.
Visit our Requests page
If you want to make a request for us to create something specific such as an object, skin, web page correction, etc. please visit our Requests page.
Visit our Contest page
If you want to enter a current Contest, or find out the latest info about a contest, please visit our Contest page.
Forums & Chat
Visit the Simslice Forums
If you want to discuss anything more readily with forum staff or other members of the Sim Community, feel free to visit our forums. Registration is permanent, even if your subscription ends. Feel free to talk about anything you want (Sims or non-Sims topics).
FAQ Page
Visit our FAQ page
If you have questions about a process or a problem, such as subscription issues, download instructions, etc. please visit our FAQ Page first before contacting us. Our FAQ Page has answers to all commonly asked questions. Our Forums also contain TS1 and TS2 "Resource Rooms" - knowledge bases that may help you.

Other / Contact Us
Subscription inquiries can be sent here too. If none of the above categories apply to your issue and if you have checked our FAQ page and still have questions, comments, or feedback... or if you just want to yak with us, please contact us directly. We are known for our outstanding customer service and we will always do our best to provide prompt responses.
Thanks for your input, and for helping make this a better place for everyone! :)

Important Email Note: If you use Spamarrest® or a similar anti-spam email device that automatically replies to back to us after we respond to you, requiring us to click some kind of link to confirm our identity, please note that for security reasons we likely will not do this. If this applies to you, then before you contact us please make sure you tell your anti-spam system to allow receipt of emails from addresses. Thank you.

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