Makin' Magic Users - Please read!

If you haven't bought any expansion packs, you can disregard this notice...

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Please read the following list if you have installed anything from our Programs & Patches page in the past. You may need to remove certain files before you install a new expansion pack. If you don't, it might write improperly to the existing files and may affect gameplay. If you are unsure if you downloaded any patches (from here, or other sites), we compiled a list for you of the files hosted by this site, prior to the recent Makin' Magic expansion pack -- NOTE: the original game files will be embedded in the .far files, and must be left alone. Do not delete original game files! However any user-made patches you downloaded will be loose .iff files in these same folders below (if you installed them according to our instructions) and those should be removed prior to installing any new official patch or expansion pack to your game:

In the The Sims/Downloads/McFoodCart folder:
"McDFood.iff" file (McDonald's Kiosk Fix/Upgrade)
In the The Sims/Downloads/ShrimpCart folder:
"shrimp.iff" file (Shrimp Cart Upgrade)
In the The Sims/GameData/Global folder:
"Global.iff" file (Visitor Skills, Join Activity, Gorilla Walk or Male Spinning Fixes)

"PersonGlobals.iff" file (Proposition Hack 1/2)

In the The Sims/GameData/Objects folder:
"flood.iff" file (Unleashed Flood Fix)
"FlowersOutdoor.iff" file (Flowers Upgrade)
"Shrubs.iff" file (Shrubs Upgrade)

In the The Sims/ExpansionShared folder:
"FoodHD.iff" file (Pizza & Burger Upgrade)
"IceCream.iff" file (Hot Dog & Ice Cream Upgrade)
"HDSI_Proposition.iff" file (Proposition Hack 2/2)
"Trees2.iff" file (Hug Me Trees)
"Trees4.iff" file (Hug Me Trees)
In the The Sims/ExpansionPack3 folder:
"Bar.iff" and "NPC_RaveWaylon.iff" files (Bartender Waylon Fix)
"PedMarkers.iff" (Downtown Visitor Fix)
"DTController.iff" file (Downtown Buy/Build Mode enabler)
"TreesHD.iff" file (Hot Date Trees Upgrade)
In the The Sims/ExpansionPack4 folder:
"Diningtablelodge.iff" file (Vacation Diningtable Lodge Fix)
"VacationController.iff" file (Vacation Buy/Build Mode Enabler)
"VacationPedMarker.iff" file (Vacation visitor Fix)
In the The Sims/ExpansionPack5 folder:
"CartUnleashed.iff" file (Unleashed Vegetable Cart Upgrade)
"Pastry.iff" file (Unleashed Pastry/Espresso Upgrade)
"TreesUnleashed.iff" file (Unleashed Trees Upgrade)
"UnleashedController.iff" file (Unleashed Buy/Build Mode Enabler)

In the The Sims/ExpansionPack6 folder:
"ControllerStudioLot.iff" files (Superstar Buy/Build Mode enabler)
"FoodSuperstarSmoothie.iff" file (Superstar Smoothie Upgrade)
"FoodSuperstarSushi.iff" file (Superstar Sushi Upgrade)
"ReclinerMassage.iff" file (Superstar Massaging Recliner Upgrade)

Please note that the patch makers may have told some people to install certain files to The Sims/Downloads folder instead, so if you were instructed to do this, you should check there too. If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to contact us, or the patch maker (by clicking on their name on the webpage).

This list doesn't include the new Makin' Magic patches which were just recently added.

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