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Mini-Nuclear Power Plant

Creator: Simslice

Price: §3,275

Category: Electronics

Placement: At Home or Away Lots

Energy 10+
Mechanical Skill Builder
Hygiene -8
Fun 1
Various Nuclear effects...

Requirements: The Sims - Any & All Versions

Description: Never sleep again! Have everyone's energy slowly max out to 100 (including pets if you have Unleashed)... and it stays maxed out ... for as long as the Plant is in operation. You can work on the Plant to increase your Mechanical Skills too. Also you can Play in it, or Kick it to increase Fun points (and decrease Hygiene)... but remember how volatile these things can be... nasty possible occurrences can include radiation leaks, nuclear waste spillage, radioactive clouds (invisible), and the ever dreadful Nuclear Meltdown! These will effect everysim on the lot and although no one will die, they won't be too pleased about it to say the least ;)
NPC Friendship Bear

Creator: Simslice

Price: §5,000

Category: Miscellaneous

Statistics: Finally, social interactions with previously non-interactable NPCs... also the Sims first Serial Killer

Requirements: The Sims - Any & All Versions

Description: Live alone in your neighborhood and can't keep those social levels up? Always wanted to get to know the Pizza Dude, Gardener, or Thief a little better? Well now with this stuffed Teddy Bear you can generate all of the NPCs from the Original Sims into your own home, but unlike other NPC Generators, these NPCs will talk, joke, play pinball, eat, etc. etc. just like any other visiting guest in your home. You can go a step further and even take the Maid on a date Downtown, or the Repoman on Vacation, etc. (if you have those EPs). Who knows how much farther it can go? (I don't ;) )... The NPCs however won't add to your friendship or relationship scores.

BONUS: Included is the Sims first Serial Killer.... that psycho Paper Girl can be just a darling... but if you're sims are unhappy, and call on her when she's in "a mood" well it might not be pleasant. This NPC is lethal (Simslice's first lethal item), but she won't come unless YOU direct her to come.

Pet NPC Friendship Beacon

Creator: Simslice

Price: §5000

Category: Decorative

Room 7
No limit to your cats & dogs!

Requirements: Unleashed

Description: Twenty (20) different breeds of cat and dog NPCs can be generated instantly... not the in-game ones or strays, but completely new NPCs!

Cats include: Siamese, Calico, Tabby, Persian, Silver, Black Calico, Red Calico, Tortoise, Bombay and an Albino.

Dogs include: Beagle, Dalmatian, Poodle, Aussie, Rottweiler, Bulldog, Scottie, Australian Shepherd, Chihuahua and Labrador Retriever. Generate them as many (or as few) times as you want. They are all very friendly. If you want them to leave, "shoo" them and they'll leave right away. If you want them to stick around longer, treat them well.

Click "Donate §100" -- Donate 100 Simoleans to the SimCity Mystical Society to "help the needy around SimCity". Your good deed will "fill your soul" (and some hunger levels). You will also get a newsletter, deposited in front of you.

The Mystical Society Newsletter -- It has new graphics so it doesn't read like the newspaper. You can check the job listings where you can get any job on the Paranormal Career track (if you have that job in your game), read the paper for enjoyment, or just recycle it. Also, this newsletter can be kept as long as you want because it never "expires".

Click on the pic-box at the top of the page to see some screenshot snippets of the Mystical Fountain "Essence" (Painting) in action...