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Hacked Object Mystical Fountain!

Creator: Simslice

Price: §25,000

Category: Decorative

All Neighbors can become friends, and relationship scores = 100
    Slow Increase to 10 & Stay Maxed (Object Must Stay In House)
  • Energy 10
  • Hunger 10
  • Bladder 10
  • Comfort 10
  • Hygiene 10
  • Social 10
  • Fun 10
  • Room 10

Requirements: The Sims - Any & All Versions.

Description: Never worry about mood levels again! Some say this is the lost Fountain of Youth, in that it slowly revitalizes all mood levels of everyone on the lot... and keeps them maxed out... forever (or as long as you keep this in your lot). Also enjoy a "Magic Wash", where cleansing yourself in these mystical waters will improve your appearance and make you a very popular Sim - every neighbor becomes your friend and all relationship scores max out at 100! It is perfectly safe to keep this object in your house indefinitely, however it may make the game more fun to use it occasionally.
Hacked Object NPC Generator for Vacation

Creator: Simslice

Price: §254

Category: Decorative

Statistics: Room 10

Requirements: Vacation

Description: The Kokopelli Flute Player is a Native American symbol for Fertility and Abundance. Instantaneously generate 8 different NPCs from the Vacation expansion pack to hang out in your very own home. You could even "abundantly" fill your house with them if you wanted.

NPCs available are all three (3) Mascots, Vacation Director. Vacation Janitor, Vacation Maid, Vacation Tragic Clown, and the Pizza Dude. All NPCs behave just as they should, except for the Vacation Director who just walks around a lot.