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Last updated September 11, 2004

Unofficial fixes and whatnot for your game....

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NOTE:  If you plan to install the new Makin' Magic expansion or any official patch,
you may need to remove some of these files from your game first.
Carefully read all requirements below before adding anything new to your game

This section contains reliable fixes, patches, programs or upgrades for your game.
Read the details below and in each "readme" file, enclosed in each zip file, for instructions.
Scroll down for any new stuff we have, all posted below the official patch listings...

NOTE ABOUT OFFICIAL PATCHES: The Sims is full of expansions and official patches and it can get confusing at times. Some of the older patches are not listed on their site anymore, and you'll need to write Maxis if you need those. Resolutions in each official patch is supposed to be carried over to the subsequent expansion pack. So if you buy the expansions in the order they were marketed, you may only need their most current patch (if available, and of course if needed).

NOTE ABOUT UNOFFICIAL PATCHES: You should contact Maxis about any official patch requirements. Unofficial fixes, upgrades and programs below have requirements that are clearly stated, so please contact us with any questions about those. ALWAYS read the instructions in the readme files before installing anything new. All patches here are well tested and wouldn't be posted on Simslice if they were problematic. However every game is different. So if you install a patch and, either nothing changes or you experience further problems, do not save the game. Quit the game and remove the file - it's that simple. Things will revert back to the way they were the next time you play the game.

Official Patches:

Creator: Electronic Arts/Maxis

If you are using any of the unofficial fixes from this or any other site, it's recommended you temporarily remove them from your game prior to installing an official patch or new expansion pack. In many cases, they can be put back in later if the problem still was not fixed. Unofficial fixes below that are not known to be addressed in any official patches will clearly state so. A list of unofficial patches (prior to Makin' Magic) should have been in an alert window that launched as you entered this page. If you didn't see it, then click here to see the list.

Hot Date :
Click here to get the official Hot Date patch from www.thesims.ea.com

Click here to get the official Unleashed patch from www.thesims.ea.com
Click here to read or comment about the Unleashed patch in the Simslice Forums

Sims Deluxe:
Click here to get the official Sims Deluxe patch from www.thesims.ea.com
Click here to read or comment about the Sims Deluxe patch in the Simslice Forums

All Other Official Patches:
Click here to visit "Get Cool Stuff" if you need more - but chances are no additional patches will be listed

Unofficial Programs & Patches:

Download link isn't  here, it's below....

Different versions downloadable below

Pi Sim Sounds: Custom in-game sounds
*Works with any version of The Sims

Creator: Pi
Price: N/A
Statistics: N/A

Not a buyable object, and this is not any official Patch:
The player can use one convenient program to install brand new custom-made sounds into the game to be used through new objects. For instructions and hands-on training on how to make this happen, visit Simslice's New Sound Hacking Tutorial and Workshop.

To read and discuss this program with others, drop by the official Pi Sim Sounds Forum (hosted by Simslice).

Requirements: None - this should work for any version of The Sims. However there are requirements for which kind of sounds can be used. Visit the official Pi Sim Sounds page for up-to-date details.

Buy/Build Mode Enablers For All Away-From-Home Lots:
*Makin' Magic or Superstar required, see below

Price: N/A
Statistics: N/A

Description by Daveh:
Not a buyable object, and this is not any official Patch:
These upgrades will allow you to access the Buy/Build Mode while playing your Sims Downtown, on Vacation Island, in Old Town, in Studiotown or in Magictown.

You should only use Buy/Build mode enablers that are made for the newest (i.e. most recently marketed) expansion pack that you have. If Superstar or Makin' Magic is your newest EP, then read on....

Requirements: See download links below to get the version compatible with your game. If you don't see a version that is compatible, then we recommend trying Laphelot's Sim Solutions where older enablers may still be posted.

I have Makin' Magic

I have Superstar, but I DO NOT have Makin' Magic

Note: Each link contains all the files for all away-from-home lots in: Hot Date, Vacation, Unleashed, etc. up to either Makin' Magic or Superstar, depending on the version you chose. You won't be able to use the files that are made for expansions you don't have (for example, you need Hot Date to use the Downtown enabler). More details are in Daveh's readme file, please read it thoroughly and enjoy! :)

IMPORTANT: PLEASE remember to remove this from your game before installing any additional expansion pack or official patch (if any). Make a note by your PC if you have to.


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