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Hurricane Katrina & Rita Disaster Relief Effort

Think about the last time someone was there for you. Now someone else desperately needs your help.

As some of you know, Simslice has sponsored charitable activities and supports humanitarian causes. The Hurricane disasters in the Gulf Coast region of North America should be no exception, and we were obligated to donate toward this relief effort. Millions of people and animals affected by this disaster still need food, water, shelter and medical supplies and need your help. Please take the time to contribute whatever you can - no matter how small because it all adds up to making a difference and it may save a life. There are some links below to charitable and nonprofit organizations involved in the relief effort. Thank you for your time, consideration and most importantly, your compassion.

United Way via PayPal - Hurricane Katrina Response Fund

Noah's Wish (they also use PayPal) - rescuing and sheltering animals in disasters

Humane Society of the United States

American Red Cross via Amazon.com

On a side note, my fiancée and her rescue group have gone down to Louisiana and rescued many animals. Although the pics will not be posted on this website, if you reeeeeeeally want to see them, ask me in the forums and I might do a post, or send you a link to the rescue site when they're posted there.


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