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Simslice Site Updates: originally posted April - June 2006
Our newest TS1 & TS2 items are mentioned on our New Releases page, and all older mentions are listed below.
- click on a link below to for details and download (note: links below may have changed over time):
Eleven (11) "No Cook" ready to eat meals in TS2 Guest Objects (added June 26, 2006)
TS2 Edible Plants -- Apple Tree and Orange Tree in TS2 Objects also Remake the Rejuvy 2 Contest (#9) starts today in our Contests section! (added June 22, 2006)
3 Houses in TS2 Lots and 5 cool Walls in TS2 Walls (added June 18, 2006)
4 New Skins! in TS2 Skins (added June 13, 2006)
TS2 Food Replicator! in TS2 Objects (added June 9, 2006)
6 TS2 Floors and 5 TS2 Walls (added June 5, 2006)
UFO and Police Car Toys in TS2 Guest Objects (added May 30, 2006)
Water Cooler, Slurm Dispenser & Toilet Fountain in TS2 Guest Objects (added May 26, 2006)
Radio Alarm Clock in TS1 Electronic Objects and 3 New TS2 CAS screens! (added May 22, 2006)
New Skill Builder Book in TS2 Guest Objects and 3 New TS2 Neighborhoods! (added May 17, 2006)
New DDR for TS1 posted in TS1 Electronic Objects. New TS2 CAS section and a new New TS2 Ground Coverings section opened today! (added May 13, 2006)
2 New CAS screens and a Biker House posted in Sims 2 Lots (added May 8, 2006)
Cinco de Mayo celebration six pack of beer posted in TS2 Objects (added May 5, 2006)
3 New Objects posted in our new Guest Objects section (added April 29, 2006)
3 New Objects! One posted in TS2 Objects and 2 in Wintermuteai1's Objects (added April 26, 2006)
3 New Objects posted in our new Guest Objects section and 3 Neighborhoods in TS2 Neighborhoods (added April 21, 2006)
5 Buyable NPCs posted in our new Guest Objects section (by Wintermuteai1) (added April 19, 2006)
Special Easter downloads! Easter Egg Basket & Party Treat Dispenser posted in Sims 2 Objects and Easter Bunny update in TS1 Miscellaneous Objects (added April 14, 2006)
Newspaper Dispenser posted in Sims 2 Objects (added April 12, 2006)
Transporter Pads Updated in Sims 2 Objects, currently on page 9 (added April 8, 2006)
Command Console and Community Beds updated in Sims 2 Objects and 4 new Skins in Sims 2 Skins (added April 5, 2006)
Party Treats! posted in Sims 2 Objects (added April 1, 2006)

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