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Simslice Site Updates: originally posted July - September 2006
Our newest TS1 & TS2 items are mentioned on our New Releases page, and all older mentions are listed below.
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Runaway Boots
added to TS2 Objects
(added September 26, 2006)
Eleven (11) new Body Sprays in TS2 Guest Objects (added September 22, 2006)
Infamous Sims! -- Make your Sim abhorrent to others with our Protest Zone Cones! (added September 18, 2006)
SUPERSTAR SIMS! -- Make any Sim a superstar with our Fan Zone Cones! (added September 13, 2006)
"Cycle of Life" Crocodiles for TS2 -- "Living" animal predators for your swamps! (added September 6, 2006)
"Cycle of Life" Horses for TS2 -- More "living" animals for your farms & stables! (added August 31, 2006)
"Cycle of Life" Ducks for TS2 -- More "living" animals for your lakes or ponds! (added August 28, 2006)
"Cycle of Life" Swans for TS2 -- Reproducable animals for your lakes or ponds! (added August 25, 2006)
"Cycle of Life" Dogs for TS2 -- Enjoy generations of fellowship with more domesticated pets! (added August 21, 2006)
"Cycle of Life" Cats for TS2 -- Enjoy generations of fellowship with your domesticated pets! (added August 17, 2006)
"Cycle of Life" Cattle for TS2 -- raise cattle, sell them, mate them to produce calves, milk them, befriend them, and more! (added August 15, 2006)
"Cycle of Life" Pigs for TS2 -- care for pigs, eat them, sell them, mate them to produce piglettes that grow into healthy adult pigs, and more! (added August 11, 2006)
29 Driveable vehicles for TS2 -- cars, motorcycles, spaceships and more!! Check our Wintermuteai1's collection in the Guest Objects section (pg. 3+) (added August 7, 2006)
"Cycle of Life" Chickens for TS2 -- the COL chickens, one of our more popular downloads, has been made for the TS2 game and is better than ever! Get it now in our TS2 Objects section (added August 1, 2006)
Seven (7) new Edible Plants: Banana Tree, Grilled Cheese Sandwich Tree, Indoor Apple & Orange Trees, Hot Dog Plant; Marchmallow Plant and Cherry Pie Plant in TS2 Guest Objects (added July 24, 2006)
Klingon Fighting Game! A non-lethal but Klingon-like way to fight, befriend and do a variety of disgusting things. Star Trek inspired Bat'leths and more posted in TS2 Objects (added July 21, 2006)
6 Star Trek Skins, Tyra Banks and formal skin in TS2 Skins (added July 16, 2006)
New Home Clothing Center by Wintermuteai1 in TS2 Guest Objects and 3 New Replicator Foods: Leg of Lamb, Juicy Roast & Christmas Cookies in TS2 Simslice Objects (added July 12, 2006)
Three (3) new Edible Plants: Tomato Plant, Hamburger Tree & Leg of Lamb Tree in TS2 Guest Objects (added July 7, 2006)
Lefty's Fireworks - Extra Powerful and Extra Fun! in TS2 Objects (added July 4, 2006)
Four (4) new edible foods: coconuts, cacti, crabapples and a pizza garden! in TS2 Objects (added July 1, 2006)

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