Privacy Policy

In summary, we fully believe in and support everyone's right to their privacy, and we don't disclose anyone's personal information to outside parties. If that statement is sufficient for you, very good. If you like lots o' details that say the same thing, then please read below. :)

For Members: Simslice will not voluntarily disclose any of your personal information or transaction details with any outside person, group or organization. For your protection, we also will not publicly discuss any specific payment matters in our forums, so if wish to discuss a payment, please email us. We will of course allow forum discussions about any of our content, including any fun "surprises" we slip in there, in as long as they don't reveal any specific payment information. Posting anyone's payment or login details publicly may result in a cancellation or ban.

For Visitors: The Simslice site doesn't believe in or use spyware, parasites or illicit third-party cookies (often dropped on your PC by annoying ads). Please note that some of the "links" on our site may send you to other websites that do this, and that is of course outside our control. You can set your browser to reject those items if you need to. We also have a free Parasite Check Page for IE users that can detect many forms of spyware and provide options on how to disinfect your system (it's also linked at the bottom of our Main Downloads Page).

For Guest Submissions: If you click on the "Creator" name on any object page here, it usually brings up contact info: an email address or website URL of the artist. We prefer to have guest artist contact info posted so that downloaders have access to the source to give any comments, compliments, or potential problems they may experience with that item (we will try to help too, but it's usually best to go to the source). But that contact link is not required here for all submissions. We believe in giving artists full credit for their work at all times, so if you plan to submit to this site and want your email address and/or username posted, please tell us. You don't have to of course. See our Submissions page for more details.

Emails to us: We don't share any correspondence that you send to us with outside parties. Frankly, it is no one else's business. Whether you wish to report another site stealing from us, report a "hot-link", discuss inappropriate conduct of a forum member.... or just to say something nice... :) Although we like to encourage openness and fellowship on this site, we also insist on providing an element of privacy for your protection.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us. Thank you for visiting Simslice and we hope you enjoy your time with us. :)


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