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Incentive Pack #4 Objects (1.85mb zipped):

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Incentive Pack #4 -- Five objects:
(file size = 1.85mb zipped)
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Objects #1-4 in Incentive Pack 4

Object #5 in Incentive Pack 4

Grow Your Own Food!

Edible Plants #1 - #4

$10 each
Category: Outside (Build Mode)
2; Fun 1; Bladder -1
No more need for expensive kitchen appliances.... or even a kitchen! Get healthy and totally back to nature by growing and cultivating your own crops. Includes corn stalks, tomato plants, wild berry bushes and apple trees. Just walk up, pluck off a piece and eat it on the spot. No mess to clean up too. Don't forget to water them. And of course there are 3 entertaining "easter eggs" hidden in each of these objects....teehee.... ;)

Note: The garden that came out with Unleashed in my opinion is not nearly as good as these. With these, you can eat the food much more quickly, and right on the spot with no time wasted cooking, storing or messes to clean up afterwards. If you have Unleashed, the rodents, gophers, etc won't mess up this garden either. Best of all, you can use these plants in your game whether you own Unleashed or not -- there are no expansion pack requirements. :)

Requirements: no expansion packs required.

The Ultimate Cloning Mirror!

Category: Miscellaneous
Charisma building; Sim cloning

Looking for a new adventure? Have no friends? What better company could there be for you than.... you! Clone yourself as many times as necessary. These clones have the exact same personality of your Sim, but they don't last forever so enjoy 'em while they last. And since it's a Simslice object, you know there are hidden surprises that might pop up sometime (I counted 3 in this one... hehheh...;)

Requirements: No expansion packs required.




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