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The Family Pack Objects

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The Family Pack -- Seven objects:
(file size = 4.76 mb zipped)
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Includes realistic Fireplaces that are interactable and encourage fun new group activities!

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At-Home Express Child Adoptions (2)

Creator: Simslice
$7000 each
Category: Miscellaneous
Statistics:Fun 2; Room 2
No more need for days of baby care! Adopt a child immediately from the convenience of your very own home. Just place this special baby cradle anywhere on your lot. You choose the name and gender of the child you want to adopt. No expansions required to use this. These versions come in blue for boys and pink for girls. Included to help you increase the size of your family rapidly and to better enjoy the other Family Pack objects.

Requirements: No expansion pack required - works with any version of The Sims


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