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The Family Pack Objects

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The Family Pack -- Seven objects:
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Includes realistic Fireplaces that are interactable and encourage fun new group activities!

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The Family Fireplaces (2)

$2,000 each
Category: Fireplaces / Build Mode
Statistics: Comfort 4; Fun 3; Room 7; Hunger 6
Finally a realistic fireplace that will warm your cockles and give your Sims the true fireplace experience they deserve! With these 2 Fireplaces you can:

1) Sit by the warm fire for Comfort, Fun and Social (group conversation);
2) Stoke the fire to keep it burning for a long time;
3) Cook a hearty group meal for your family and friends... and now, even kids can cook meals too!
4) Mischievous types can even "burn something" for fun, but be careful not to set off the smoke alarms.
5) A "Join" feature allows your Sim to easily invite visitors to sit next to the fire with them.

NO dangerous fires will ever spread out... so unlike the prior fireplaces that come with the game, you can now feel free to finally hang that favorite painting over the mantle without worrying about injury or death.

My favorite is the wood fireplace - I think the "woody" look turned out pretty well. I also included a metal chrome fireplace for houses in which regular fireplaces just don't look right (such as futuristic houses, houses with metal walls, bikers like me, etc.). :) There are a lot of fun features included, and a few fun surprises too (non-lethal). Click here to see various screen shots of these great fireplaces in action.


If you have this campfire object as part of your game, then you can use these fireplaces - because they share just a few animations even though they are completely different objects. To my knowledge, the campfire object is included in House Party, Double Deluxe and every expansion pack in between.

At-Home Express Child Adoptions (2)

$7000 each
Category: Miscellaneous
Statistics: Fun 2; Room 2
No more need for days of baby care! Adopt a child immediately from the convenience of your very own home. Just place this special baby cradle anywhere on your lot. You choose the name and gender of the child you want to adopt. No expansions required to use this. These versions come in blue for boys and pink for girls. Included to help you increase the size of your family rapidly and to better enjoy the other Family Pack objects.

Requirements: No expansion pack required - works with any version of The Sims

The Family Fireplace Paintings (2)

$5,000 each
Category: Decorative
Statistics: Fun 2; Room 10+
No family room is complete without pictures of relatives and friends. Hang a picture of your this friendly Sim guest, posing next to your Family Fireplaces - the painting can hang anywhere (even over those fireplaces!). Each painting is so attractive, Room Points for everyone in the room will skyrocket!... and stay maxed out for as long as the painting is in the room! Place one in each room of your house and you'll never have to worry about Room Scores again. Works best inside. They are great for accentuating the comfortable and friendly ambiance of the Family Fireplace.

Requirements: No expansion packs required -- they work with any version of The Sims!


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