Incentive Pack #7 Objects

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Incentive Pack #7 -- Thirteen objects:
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Fun Flowers: A realistic flower garden!
updated November 21, 2004

Price: §5 each
Outside (Build Mode)
Statistics: Fun 3; Room 10; Comfort -1; Surprises....
Perfect for those who want more realism while tending their Sim gardens. Buy the colorful flowers, water them and care for them. Pull weeds when they occasionally appear, and bag any leaves so they don't crowd the flowers. Over time, the flowers will spread and maybe even attract fireflies and butterflies, which can fly about your yard for a while. The fun-filled mushroom patch (my favorite) may even spring up from time to time and your Sims can eat them, dance around them for a while and increase their moods. There are other surprises too which I think you'll enjoy. You won't find anything with this realism in Unleashed... and best of all, these don't require any expansions to use.

Updated July 2005: New "Nutrient" control options allow Sims to control the amount of growth (low, med or high). Additional updates made so the fireflies don't require HP - these will work with any version of the Sims now!

Requirements: None - made to work with any version of The Sims

The Original Mentor & The Mentor II

Price: §32,700 each
Statistics: Get any job instantly; make all neighbors friends with relationship scores = 100; minor skill point increases; Energy -7; Comfort -7.
The ultimate career "booster"! Strap on The Mentor and choose from up to 150 different jobs... and get it instantly! Shocking and amusing animations and sounds occur while you get the job of your dreams, increased friendships (all neighbors become friends with scores of 100), and each skill point increases by one point - a helpful boost for those moving up the corporate ladder. Safe to use, but draining, so rest your Sim afterwards. You can also select "Homemaker" to become unemployed.

The first Mentor object will work with any version of The Sims and offers all 100 original jobs that came with The Sims. The Mentor II offers all 50 additional jobs that were included in all expansion packs: Journalist, Paranormal, Slacker, Musician, or Hacker careers tracks. Both objects come together, so you can have access to all 150 of these jobs instantly!

Requirements for The Original Mentor with 100 jobs: None - made to work with any version of The Sims.

Requirements for The Mentor II with 50 jobs: Any expansion pack should take care of requirements. To double check, see if you have any of the career tracks mentioned above. If you have any of them, then The Mentor II should work for you.


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