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Official Sim Sites:

The Sims 3 -- the official site for the not-yet-released newest generation of The Sims game (all platforms).

The Sims 2 -- the official site for the second generation of The Sims game (all platforms).

The Sims -- the official site for the original (TS1) game (all platforms).

The Sims Online -- the official site for TSO, the on-line version of the original game.


Other Cool Sim Links:

SimFreaks -- Very large selection of high quality items!

-- Loaded with links to quality Sim fan sites, run by Simslice forum member HoneyBC

Guabaman-TS1 & Guabaman-TS2 (Spanish & English)

-- New site with a few downloads, and numerous categories to add much more

-- Site in German with English translations also available

The Sims 3 StartPage

The Sims 2 StartPage -- forums & lots of links

DeSims2Downloads -- TS2 Skins from Aline & Lisanne (Belguim & Netherlands)

-- Wide variety of game information, available in many languages!

-- was Spanish & English but now is a forum based site in Argentina, and pretty much all in Spanish

-- Thousands of fashionable skins for TS1 & TS2

-- Active new forum with downloads, links, contests and much more!

-- Spanish site with attractive furniture, objects, skins and more for TS2!

-- Houses for the Sims 2 & Sims 3 games

Sliver Of Slice 2 -- Variety of downloads made by & for Simslice Forum members.
Simslice forum member Deb Dehaven created and runs this Yahoo group.

Laphelot's Sim Solutions -- Yahoo group featuring completed works and works-in-progress
by Sir_Laphelot

The Sims Biker

CandleLight Sims

Odd Sim

Persimmon Grove

Edgeville Sims -- Yahoo group run by Simslice Forum mod Edge

Trials & Simulations

The Sims 2 Source

Cheap Frills

-- Help make the Sims Community a better place!
Report/discuss thief websites or groups here, and learn more about copyrights.

-- Help make the Sims Community a better place!
Discuss/report CD theft issues including E-Bay sales of stolen objects.

Sites With Helpful Programs:

TSR Programs Database -- Formerly The Sims Workshop, and formerly Sim Programs, it has links and downloads to many quality programs and patches used throughout the Community today (this site is your best source of sim programs in my opinion).

TS1 Articles and TS2 Articles -- Helpful tutorials for making custom designs and content, hosted by TSR.

Simlouvre -- Programs designed for MAC users (must apply there for membership).

Sim Wardrobe/Paladin's Place -- This site has Sim Categorizer and lots of other cool programs and downloads.

Hex Workshop/Break Point Software -- Get a hex editor here for a free trial period.

Winzip -- If you don't have Windows XP or higher, this program unzips files downloaded in .zip format (which most Sim sites use). They also have a free "evaluation version" available that (to my knowledge) doesn't expire.


Troubleshooting Links:

Electronic Arts Tech Support

The Sims Official Help Page

The Simslice FAQ Page -- Information & resolutions for a variety of known issues. Download problems? Try our FAQ #9 here

The Simslice Forums -- Lots of helpful, friendly & knowledgeable folks here. There is also a read-only knowledge databank loaded with informational resources.

The B-List Forums "Swarm" -- Information & resolutions for a variety of known issues provided by very friendly people.

TSR Help page - Original Sims / TSR Help page - The Sims 2

The Sims Resource (TSR) Forums -- Give or get help from others in the Community.


Cool Non-Sim Related Links:

Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief -- Please help the disaster relief effort.

Ranchoweb -- Affordable and reliable image hosting (permissable hotlinking).

Windowcat Designs -- Full-service web site development and hosting company.

MuttCats Pet Shelter Directory -- US Nationwide listing of animal shelters and rescue groups.
Thanks goes to Simslice forum member Intermagus, who works on this life-saving site.

Homeward Trails -- Animal rescue group based in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

Pics of Homeslice's last cross-country Harley trip -- I hope to have a more comprehensive website someday!

Harley-Davidson Homepage -- what does your phone number spell?


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