Simslice FAQ
  1. Why should I subscribe to Simslice?
  2. How can I subscribe?
  3. How do I cancel my subscription?
  4. Where is the Weather Machine?
  5. How long have you been creating for The Sims?
  6. Can I submit my objects?
  7. How do I download, unzip and install items in my game?
  8. Game is crashing, freezing or items aren't appearing in game. Why oh why?
  9. Why can't I distribute or post Simslice creations on my website?
  10. Do you test your objects so that I know they're safe for my game?
  11. What are your Terms of Use and Privacy Policy?
  12. Where are your forums?
  13. Do you offer 24/7 customer support?
  14. What does the site have different designs?
Why should I subscribe to Simslice?

With very few sim sites left, The Sims Community is struggling to keep the content alive. Most of our items have unique behaviors that will enhance your game playing experience adding entire new dimensions (e.g. Slice City, Weather Machine, etc. ), and few take the time and attention to detail in creation and in testing that Simslice puts into every object, including the fun little surprises!

The Sims Community is dwindling now, but we are keeping our content alive. Facebook groups such as Saving The Sims and CTO Sims are doing their best to keep up with the content of many sites. For several years, they have been moving files from server to server trying to keep it all available, but finding someone willing to host enough content to fill an entire server is difficult. We do not wish to add to that burden.

I sincerely hope you will continue to be with us as official members of our site and continue to support the work done by Simslice now, and in the future. If you have any questions, please contact us on the SimFreaks Discord (My wife's site).

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How can I subscribe?

Sign Up Here with Paypal.

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How do I cancel my subscription?
    This applies to recurring subscriptions only.
  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click Profile (the gear icon) on the top right corner of the page.
  3. Click Pre-approved payments under "Payment settings".
  4. Select the merchant whose agreement you want to cancel, and click Cancel.
  5. Follow the instructions to cancel the agreement.
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Where is the Weather Machine?

The Deluxe Weather Seasons Package for the original The Sims game is located on the Electronics Page.

We also have a Weather-Maker for The Sims 2 and that can be downloaded from our Sims 2 Objects section.

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How long have you been making stuff for the Sims?

Since the very beginning of The Sims (in the year 2000), which was even before came online (in 2002). We host a bit of everything you need for your game: Objects, Skins, Houses, Walls, Floors, Roofs, Programs, Patches, Contests, and much more. We strive to host only unique content that can't normally be found elsewhere. We host content for both The Sims and The Sims 2 games, and even known to make "games within games" (e.g. see Slice City).

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Can I submit my objects?

Contact SimFreak through the SimFreaks Discord for Simslice Submissions.

IMPORTANT: For many reasons, we must insist that no one takes items posted on Simslice (or clones of them) and posts them anywhere else except here on the Simslice website. See our Terms of Use for details. So if you are respectful and supportive of our site as well as the Sim Community you choose to be a part of, we thank you for abiding by our wishes on this one matter, and for abiding by the legal copyright laws that protect us.

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How do I download, unzip and install items in my game?

How to Install Our Files:

Creations here are in .zip files. Older PCs may require older versions of WinZip

(Note: WinZip is not needed for Windows XP or higher-- they can just double click on the file to open (unzip) it). There are other programs around that can unzip, such as Simzip for TS1, but since some of these have been reported to corrupt certain gamefiles, to be safe we don't make any additional recommendations.However feel free to use whatever you are comfortable with, justbackup your file first just in case.

To download our items, simply click on the download link (for details about how to subscribe to Simslice, click here). A window will pop up with a prompt. Click the "save" button and choose a folder to save it to. It will then start downloading to that folder. Once finished, go to the folder where you downloaded the file, and double-click on it. This starts thenzip process. Windows XP users usually can just move the filesto the proper location (XP can read zip files like regular directories). WinZip users should follow the WinZip prompts to extract the file(s) to the appropriate directory(ies). You can adjust these WinZip instructions below for whatever tool you are using. The instructions below are for WinZip users starting from the very beginning... if you've already started the unzip process above, continue from step £5:
  1. Make sure The Sims game is not running (if it is, quit the game). It is best if you are using the latest version of WinZip.
  2. Hit the "I agree" button, if prompted (after agreeing to their notice of course ;) ).
  3. Hit the "open" button. This opens the "Open Archive" window.
  4. Locate the .zip file you downloaded, highlight it, and hit the "Open" button again.
  5. The contents of the Zip file are now displayed. Highlight each file and hit the "Extract" button (or if there is an "Extract All" button, you can use that instead).
  6. Select the proper folder (see "readme" file or instructions below for details). Then hit the "Extract" button.
  7. The files will now copy to that folder. Close the WinZip window. You're all done!
  8. Run the game, and the objects will be in the appropriate in-game categories.

Brief instructions are included on each download's webpage, and additional instructions are in each enclosed "readme" file, so make sure you read them both in case there are special instructions. But basically, here's where files need to be installed:

Sims 2 content: Files ending in .Sims2Skin or .Sims2Pack are installed just by double-clicking on the file and following the prompts. Files ending in .package just need to be put into your "C:/.../My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Downloads" folder. Now, this folder is not created when the game is installed, but only when the .Sims2Skin or .Sims2Pack installer is run for the first time. So if you are new to downloading and you do not see this "../Downloads" folder in this exact location, then simply create it and then put the .package file in it. A few people prefer the "../Objects" folder instead (in C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\TSData\Res\Objects), although "../Downloads" is usually the better choice (just don't put the file in both - only one or the other). The next time you run the game, your item will be there! If not, check to make sure you have the "Catalogs Display Custom Content" setting in the game set to "ON" (some expansions have additional requirements too -- for more details, jump to our troubleshooting FAQ).

The rest of the instructions apply to the original The Sims game:

Objects: Objects should be extracted into the Sims/Downloads directory, unless otherwise stated in the "readme" file. If you are a frequent downloader of our site, we suggest going into the Downloads folder and creating a new folder called Simslice, and put all our objects in there (it's easier to track and organize your downloads this way, but you don't have to do it). If they don't show up in your game, or you get a crash, there could be many reasons, so please click here to jump to that FAQ here that offers solutions.

Skins: All skin files go into the GameData/Skins directory unless otherwise stated. Do not create subdirectories in the Skins folder because the game won't read them for some reason.

Houses: If you have multiple neighborhoods, run the game and pick the neighborhood you want the house to go in (if you haven't done so already). Then quit the game, and find the Userdata folder that corresponds with that neighborhood (i.e. Neighborhood 2 = Userdata2). Those of you without multiple neighborhoods in your game just go to the Userdata folder. In that folder, open the Houses folder, and replace the House##.iff file with the downloaded House##.iff file of the same name (FYI, ## is the "lot number" of a house/lot). Every lot has a House##.iff file, even if it's an empty (undeveloped) lot. So make sure there isn't already a house in that lot when you replace it, or it will be lost. When you are done, run the game and move in your family as usual. Follow this same process when downloading Downtown lots, Vacation lots, Old Town lots, etc.

Walls: All wall files go into the GameData/Walls folder. All wall files end in .wll and you can create subdirectories in here if you want.

Floors: All floor files go into the GameData/Floors folder. All floor files end in .flr and you can create subdirectories in here if you want.

Roofs: All roof files go into the GameData/Roofs folder. All roof files should end in .bmp and you can create subdirectories in here if you want.

Troubleshooting, if needed: See the FAQ below titled, "Game is crashing, freezing or items aren't appearing in game. Why oh why?"

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Game is crashing, freezing or items aren't appearing in game. Why oh why?

First make sure you unzipped the download. Some "sim-specific" zip programs out there (like Simzip) have been reported to sometimes damage hacked objects, so we don't recommend using them -- WinZip is however safe to use. Click here to jump to our FAQ about unzipping/installing files. All our objects are stress-tested and have clean coding, so they won't cause crashes based on their programing. There could be many other reasons this occurs though, so here are some tips:
  1. Try deleting the file from your folder and re-downloading it. It's likely that the file got corrupted during the download process (it's not too common, but it can happen). When this happens, it can either cause a crash, freeze or just not show up in the Buy/Build Mode. When re-downloading, it's best if you're not playing your favorite music, chatting with three other people and having five other downloads coming in at the same time. ;) But seriously, the less you have running when you download, the better, although it's not a guaranteed prevention. Nothing is.
  2. In the Sims 2, there is a new feature that disables viewing of user-made content. This can cause anything you download not to show in Buy Mode or Build Mode. To check if this is on Game Options (the pic of the gears). Make sure the "Catalogs Display Custom Content" setting is marked "ON". If you have Nightlife or later expansions, click here for more detailed instructions.
  3. If you are using pirated software (warez), it has been known to cause a variety of game problems. We recommend that you only use legitimately purchased games.
  4. Check to make sure you meet the requirements to use the object you downloaded. All our objects have a Requirements listing below their descriptions on each webpage. Typically users that don't meet the stated requirements get a freeze or the object disappears just after it is bought. Or sometimes it works anyway... but usually not.
  5. Scan your objects for duplicate Object IDs. Each object in your game has a GUID that the game uses to distinguish between objects. If two GUIDs in the same lot are identical, the system sometimes gets baffled and takes a brief Sabbatical. None of our objects have conflicting GUIDs, so you are safe to download here. However if another website is using our "magic cookie", their objects may cause problems when used with ours. Check our Links page for websites with programs that can scan Object IDs.
  6. If you download a lot of hacked objects from various sites, make sure they are from reliable sources. All our stuff is clean and won't cause problems interacting with other objects (or our own), but poorly hacked objects can affect non-problem objects, even Maxis objects, so know your source.
  7. If you are using a Mac computer, most of our downloads should still work, but as we run our games on Windows, we can't guarantee that for all. However you can try "truncating" our file names if they exceed 31 characters (the maximum limit for Mac filenames).

    NEED MORE HELP? This FAQ lists the five most common issues. For a lot more more tips and resolutions you can do on your end to fix them, click here. After reading both pages, feel free to contact us if you still have specific questions or problems. Please include all details about what you specifically tried.
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Why can't I distribute or post Simslice creations on my website?

Most websites are opposed to people downloading their content and posting them elsewhere, for a variety of reasons. For one, we sometimes update objects and it's difficult to troubleshoot when there are multiple versions existing. We have even sometimes pulled some of our own content to update it. But mostly, it is a very disrespectful and even illegal thing to do, and it really hurts the whole Sim Community in the end. Please read our Terms of Use section. Some of our objects took many months to make, and it's very disappointing when someone posts one somewhere else as their own. So we don't permit our creations to be cloned, distributed (in any form) or posted elsewhere anymore, even if credit is given to us. The only two exceptions are The Sims Resource and The Sims Biker because they are respectful sites and we had previously allowedthem to do this before Simslice was created.

However if you wish to clone or recolor Simslice objects to submitonly to Simslice for posting, or if you are a website owner wanted to collaborate, we would be very interested in hearing from you.

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Do you test your objects so I know they're safe for my game? Every object we ourselves make is stress-tested in the game and they only get posted when they function as intended. I personally run the game using a Windows-based U.S. version of The Sims™ and The Sims 2™ and most/all these objects should work for users of alternate versions too (like Mac, or other countries), but I can't directly test them for that of course. Feedback however has been very good from these users though, and we do edit all language strings in every current project we undertake (most sites still don't do that). However everyone must try them at your own risk, in accordance with our Terms of Use. Objects made by other creators have been be tested by them though, and feedback links are provided for you. Also, be onthe lookout because we are known for adding occasional (and unadvertised)fun "surprises" in almost every object we make... just to add a little extra spice for ya. :)

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What are your Terms of Use and Privacy Policy? We fully support people's right to their privacy, and we do not share any personal information about anyone with any outside parties. Same goes with emails -- for example if you need to report something unlawful to us, you will always be kept anonymous if we need to follow-up with any violators. Click here to read more details about our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.

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Where are your forums? Our forum standard is now Discord. We have combined our forums with the SimFreaks Discord along with SimsPlus, Simbabe, Jerome's Meshes & more to come. Discord can be accessed via the web, desktop app, or mobile app and is free to use.

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Do you offer 24/7 customer support? We do NOT offer 24 hour customer support. Contacting us through the SimFreaks Discord Forum is your best option, as our emails have been overloaded by SPAM.

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Why does the site have different page designs?

It's a never-ending work-in-progress.

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